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A good-looking website is nice to have, but a well thought out website... taking into consideration  key words and placement for optimal google analytics recognition... is what will set our clients’ websites apart from their competition. Our web designs take all of this into account to ensure the site is doing what it is supposed to do: inform and spark action from viewers!


This third generation website features an upgraded platform with a proprietary backend database linked to a lead generation mechanism. This revised website was developed with two end users in mind; MOLLY MAID Canada and MOLLY MAID UK. Initial programming and content was developed to refresh and modernize the site in look and functionality. Upon launch,  this site immediately caused a dramatic jump in service inquiry requests.



J&J’s website required a complete re-build in order to accommodate an online store. The focus of this new site was to provide customers with improved search capabilities for J&J’s thousands of products.  The site included the development of a robust background content management system that is easy to update to keep inventory online current .


This site build replaced an older outdated and underperforming website. The revised approch provides information in an easy to follow format, more comprehensive navigation and features more imagery to illustrate and support the company’s creative approach to problem solving. This site also features a previously programmed back end database system that has links to a client services portal and real time online survey processing /reporting mechanism.  

html email


This is the first of a series of emails slated for distribution to current MOLLY MAID customers in the UK. Working  closely with MOLLY MAID UK, an attention grabbing email was developed that could easily be deployed through their selected email delivery system. Analysis of open and view analytics will shape the format and content for future communications. 


Dräger html email


Hodsy Creative Services was commissioned to create a lively, informative email communication to existing customers with a layout that was attention grabbing and easy to follow. This more user-friendly design than previous communications was developed to provide critical information and link back to the website as support. The email implemented more graphics to support key content while adhering to the strong corporate brand standards.


This website was commissioned by a pioneer in biodynamic farming. The initial direction for this site was to portray the story - and educate the general public - of the development of the first biodynamic vineyard  from inception in North America. Careful planning for a series of rollout phases for this website and vineyard was critical as the business and wine varietal production increased Ultimately, the end result will be a full-service website including online store.  


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