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Graphic Design imagery often requires image manipulation to ensure your viewer get the right message and the desired impact. Photo manipulation is a skill that requires a clear understanding of perspective and lighting. Good photo manipulation is very hard to detect, but a bad job is very evident.

CGC Drywalling image


This project started with an image provided by the client, however the construction stilts being used by the model were not “to code”. Instead of setting up a new shoot, retouching was selected as the more economical option. Taking into account the original image’s lighting, shadows and perspective, a photograph was taken of a model on a ladder and a new product shot, which was merged into the existing photograph to replace the model on stilts.

Before image manipulation
After image manipulation
Support images taken to create the image manipulation
Working shots
Base image taken of the truck
Image of the truck after applying graphics in the computer
Final image of truck used in promotional posters
CGC Program Vehicle


To promote an upcoming cross-Canada tour, a poster was created featuring one of the tour trucks. Due to tight deadlines for the poster’s distribution, the new truck was photographed before being sent out for decals. Extensive retouching was required to create the final truck image.

UltraLight Product Shot


The challenge was to get a photo of the product on it's label that didn't exist yet. The solution was to use photo manipulation. Here we see the steps to create an image within an image on this product's packaging.

1) Photograph  a mockup adjusting for new colours and design.
2) Take shots of models, materials and an environment.

3) Build the image remembering to repeat the image itself.

4) Introduce the image into the final packaging art.

Base image of the product
Merging of all the support images to create the new label
Background and additional product shots taken
Final product image supplied before production of the container was manufactured
Material Cutaways


Featured here is a series of 3 rooms, each with a before and after image.

Representations of common, everyday rooms were retouched to reveal cutaways showcasing specific products that would be used to complete the build.   

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