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Today there are more than 2.6 billion camera phones on the planet. We snap as many pictures today (two per minute) as were taken in the entire 19th Century. Effective photography takes a keen eye and deep understanding of light source and perspective. Making adjustments to photographs – or retouching – is a skill that is extremely difficult to master, but a very valuable tool to update or provide clarity to existing imagey.

In Studio Photography


We have a complete photography studio on site to accommodate products of virtually any size. Our services include retouching, correction and adjustments as sometimes products brought to us for photography are out of date, damaged, prototypes or new products poised for launch and may not be final models. 

Location Shoots

We are happy to conduct location shoots for literature and web support. Our projects have taken us into the mountains in BC, the coast of California and the rural setting of Nicaragua. Clients have confidence in our ability to be briefed then conduct the shoot with little or no supervision, returning with sensational images for their ongoing use.

Industrial & Corporate 

While we are a creative group, we are also technically savvy and have a clear understanding of industrial processes and manufacturing. This ensures we capture the right images for these clients to effectively portray their products and services.

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