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At Hodsy, we provide marketing support services through the use of graphic design, type, space, image and colour. Coupled with the use of illustration, a highly specialized field, powerful stories can be told. Working with our clients, we utilize more than 30 years of design and illustration experience to develop a distinctive and exclusive look to every program.

Corporate Identity
and Branding

Working closely with clients, we developed a unique visual identity that not only stands out from others within their respective industries, but also tells a story about the company and its vision. Each logo within this rotation provides representation of identities with meaning, providing insight into its services and values being offered to its customers.




As cave drawings, illustration was one of the first forms communication thousands of years ago and in today’s environment of visual over stimulation, it remains a very effective method of delivering a message.

Illustration can set a different tone and focal point than photography. Often used when traditional images are not available, it can be used to emphasize and pinpoint information through the use of space, lines, colours and textures. It is an effective and eye-catching way to personalize your message.


Literature and Printed Collateral

Effective layouts taking into consideration images, illustrations, banners, call-outs and overall content placement ensure all print materials provide the desired information and messaging to the readers. The goal is to ensure the final pieces are visually friendly and deliver the message quickly and effectively.


Trade Show Design,
POS and Signage

Visual impact and traffic flow are just a few of the critical considerations when developing trade show display properties. After a full analysis of booth size, locale and show attendees, we design (and build if required) a display package that will effectively utilize the space allotted to deliver your message. Whether it is a new build, or simply a refresh of an existing property, let us help you create excitement at your next trade show.


Print Advertising

Print advertising requires a studio that can execute the desired message in limited space and understand and adhere to advertiser specifications and deadlines. In addition, under all these constraints it is imperative the ad meets the clients’ brand standards. It’s a lot to think about in what can sometimes be an ad the size of a business card. 


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