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Our creative abilities are not limited to two dimensional designs. We are more than happy to literally open up our toolboxes and build displays, signage, interactive games and more. As a matter of fact, our 3D builds have won awards at Trade Shows and conferences across North America. 

Ford Lego Promotion


This promotional piece ecouraged customers to "build a van" to their own specifications. First we designed a van that resembled the actual product. Next, a series of assembly drawings were created. in order that hundreds of toy vans could be built as giveaways. Finally, the packaging was designed and assembled, prominently featuring the model in its box with an appropriate environment. This small production promotion was sent to key fleets introducing Ford's new Transit Van. 

BMW Sliding Tile Puzzles


BMW requested a unique interactive display for their head office and the traditional sliding tile puzzle was selected. A series of three puzzles were built by hand, each with a different image. These large scale versions of a memorable children’s toy are fully functional and are featured in BMW’s Head Office boardroom. 


Plinko Trade Show Game


The client challenged us to create a trade show booth activity that met three criteria: 1) draws attention and creates excitement 2) is easy to play and 3) can be packed in mobile shipping crates. This Plinko board was designed and built to break down to a quarter of its size for shipping purposes and also offered the ability to change the background graphics for messaging flexibility. Ford’s Plinko booth not only saw lineups at each show, this display was awarded “Best of Show” over and above hundreds of other exhibitors. 

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